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Using Data in Software Applications

How can Entity Framework (EF) simplify your work? Find out from Microsoft Senior Technical Evangelist Adam Tuliper and Microsoft Content Developer Christopher Harrison. Almost every website you create is a front-end to a database. So managing that data effectively is key to the success, flexibility, and performance of your application. Plus, a robust object/relational mapping (ORM) tool is critical.

This is why EF is such a must-have for developers.

If you're using data (and you are!) check out this course.

Online course.


  • Learn what EF 6 is
  • Investigate how it can create databases for you, and find out how to manage that creation.
  • Dig into advanced topics, like managing transactions and integrating stored procedures.


30 horas

Curso Online

Del 1 de enero 2023
al 31 de diciembre 2023


  1. Introduction to Entity Framework
  2. Beginning Code First
  3. Managing Relationships
  4. Managing the Database
  5. Managing Transactions
  6. Knowledge Development
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