The entrepreneurial spirit enables innovation, growth, and prosperity around the world and helps transform the economic and social landscape. Technology-based entrepreneurship can encourage innovative solutions and business opportunities to address challenges, enable personal achievement and business success, and help create jobs to grow and sustain local economies.

This course teaches business and financial skills, attitudes, and behaviors to help students develop an entrepreneurial mindset that can empower them to improve their lives.

The Entrepreneurship course incorporates a new approach to teaching and learning entrepreneurial skills with interactive, online case studies designed to help students learn business skills and apply networking capabilities within the context of starting a business. The course is delivered through the Cisco NetSpace® learning and collaboration environment.

The case studies introduce basic business and financial concepts through activities and scenarios that cultivate and reinforce the skills needed to become a successful entrepreneur. The case studies promote:

 Increased self-confidence and personal motivation
 Improved leadership skills and financial literacy
 Inspiration to start a small business.


Students who complete the course will gain an understanding of how the business world operates and will be able to complete the following tasks:

  • Identify skills that have value in the marketplace
  • Explain the social, legal, and ethical responsibilities of an entrepreneur
  • Describe the ways in which a business receives income
  • Describe the basic elements of a customer sales presentation
  • Organize important business records
  • Explain tools that businesses use to grow.


15 horas

Curso Online



Del 1 de enero 2023
al 31 de diciembre 2023


  1. Starting an Internet Café
  2. Making a Business Successful
  3. Taking the Initiative
  4. Enabling an E-Business
  5. Providing Outsource Services
  6. Building a Contracting Business
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