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IoT Fundamentals

It develops foundational skills using hands-on lab activities that stimulate the students in applying creative problem-solving and rapid prototyping in the interdisciplinary domain of electronics, networking, security, data analytics, and business. The student-centric approach translates into the student being able to ideate, design, prototype and present an IoT solution for an identified business or society need.

The IoT Fundamentals curriculum addresses the main stages involved in digitization:
 identifying and communicating a business or social problem,
 designing and connecting IoT devices to capture data and control the physical world,
 collecting and managing datasets,
 data visualization and extraction of insights through data analysis, and
 presenting outcomes to experts that may choose to take their idea to market.


Students who successfully complete the “Connections into Insights” path will be able to:

  • Understand and explain the concepts, opportunities and challenges of digital transformation using IoT.
  • Design and model IoT solutions using simulation tools (Packet Tracer).
  • Design and prototype IoT solutions using electronics, microcontrollers (Arduino) and single board computers (Raspberry Pi).
  • Use Python to Collect, Transform, analyze, and visualize data from the sensor and store them in SQL data bases.
  • Conduct exploratory data analysis activities.
  • Apply basic Machine Learning algorithms to extract insights from data.
  • Present and communicate using data storytelling.
  • Describe the evolution of data management technologies from SQL to NoSQL.
  • Explain the fundamental principles of a modern data center and of a distributed scalable Big Data platform like Apache Hadoop.
  • Securely connect the prototype to the Internet.
  • Use Python to program the behavior of the IoT devices and to connect them to cloud services via APIs.
  • Work as a team and apply the User Centered Design Approach (“design thinking”) to develop, rapidly prototype, iteratively refine and pitch a business idea for an IoT solution (Hackathon).


50 horas

Curso Online



Del 1 de enero 2022
al 31 de diciembre 2022


  1. Things and Connections Understand the building blocks,
  2. Sensors, Actuators and microcontrollers 
  3. Software is Everywhere
  4. Fog Networks and Cloud Computing 
  5. IoT Applications in Business 
  6. Create an IoT Solution 
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