be your own boss

Be Your Own Boss

This course provides tips and advice to launch a successful tech business. Technopreneurs share lessons learned and success stories and it complements the NetAcad Entrepreneurship course.

For students interested in owning their own tech businesses and entrepreneurship course students seeking insights and advice.

It is not required previous knowledge.


  • Understand how to become a technopreneur
  • Identify the elements of technopreneurship
  • Discover how to put your creativity to work
  • Learn how to generate creative ideas
  • Analyze your business ideas to identify any flaws
  • Develop ways of thinking that are valuable to technopreneurs
  • Know which questions to ask yourself and research to conduct
  • Understand the value of market research
  • Design a business plan
  • Summarize important questions used to develop a business plan or grow a business
  • Outline ways to test yourself, your team, your ideas, and the marketplace
  • Determine small steps you can take that are achievable, measurable, and repeatable
  • Outline the elements of a business relationship
  • Explain the elements of a business contract and customer service
  • Evaluate the health of your business
  • Explain how to assess your business in the marketplace


Eight 1-hr video recordings of instructional content (15 mins) and experience-sharing (45mins) for each module. 1 quiz and 1 survey per module
Estimated time to complete: 1 hour/module, 8 hours for series. Total: 30 hrs.

English course.

Online course

30 hrs.

Del 1 de enero 2020
al 31 de octubre 2020


  1. What Is Technopreneurship?
  2. Imagine Like a Technopreneur
  3. Think Like a Technopreneur
  4. A Great Idea or a Wonderful Opportunity?
  5. Protecting and Running Your Business
  6. You and Your Business Are Ready
  7. You, Your Business, and the Market
  8. Do You Need to Change or Keep on Going?
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