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Introduction to Programming Using Java

In this project-based course, you will learn by doing! Specifically, you will learn by programming Java projects.

The course is divided into 20 lessons. Most lessons have a project that reinforces the concepts covered in that lesson. If you are a beginner to Java, don't worry. You don't need to know any programming to start this course from Lesson 1. If you have already done some programming in a different language, feel free to jump ahead to Lesson 10 and do the Mini-Project, which should be a good refresher.

Starting in Lesson 12 we will cover objects and classes, so that is a good place to start from if you already understand the basic syntax and want an introduction to object-oriented programming concepts.



30 horas

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Del 1 de enero 2023
al 31 de diciembre 2023


  1. Lesson 1: Introduction
  2. Lesson 2: Java Basics
  3. Lesson 3: Variables and Data Types. Project: Mini-Bio
  4. Lesson 4: Operations. Project: Input-Output
  5. Lesson 5: Iteration. Project: ChangeMaker
  6. Lesson 6: Flow Control. Project: Decider
  7. Lesson 7: Logic. Project: SunDay
  8. Lesson 8: Methods Project: Guessing Game
  9. Lesson 9: Return Values. Project: TripPlanner
  10. Lesson 10: Mini-Project. Project: Odds Or Evens
  11. Lesson 11: Errors and Troubleshooting
  12. Lesson 12: Objects and Classes. Project: Snail Race
  13. Lesson 13: Working with Objects. Project: ATM
  14. Lesson 14: Strings. Project: StringConverter
  15. Lesson 15: Exceptions. Project: Fraction Calculator Pt. 1
  16. Lesson 16: Accessing Data. Project: Fraction Calculator Pt. 2
  17. Lesson 17: Single-Dimensional Arrays. Project: 2048 Pt. 1
  18. Lesson 18: Two-Dimensional Arrays. Project: 2048 Pt. 2
  19. Lesson 19: ArrayLists. Project: Analyzer
  20. Lesson 20: Final Project: Maze Runner

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