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Microsoft Excel 2016 Expert

This content is divided into 7lessons. Each lesson is designed to provide approximately 45 minutes of instruction and discussion. Each teaching lesson includes two or more sub-sections, couple of projects that can be completed in or out of class, and a quiz.

Instructors can organize the lesson instruction and project assignments as necessary to fit class schedules.


  • Manage Workbooks
  • Manage Workbook Review
  • Apply Custom Data Formats and Validation
  • Apply Advanced Conditional Formatting and Filtering
  • Create and Modify Custom Workbook Elements
  • Prepare a Workbook for Internationalization
  • Apply Functions in Formulas
  • Look Up Data by Using Functions
  • Apply Advanced Date and time Functions
  • Perform Data Analysis and Business Intelligence
  • Troubleshoot Formulas
  • Define Named Ranges and Objects
  • Create Advanced Charts
  • Create and Manage PivotTables
  • Create and Manage PivotCharts


25 horas

Curso Online

Del 1 de enero 2022
al 31 de diciembre 2022


  1. Lesson 1: Managing and Protecting Workbooks

  2. Lesson 2: Applying Custom Formatting and Layouts

  3. Lesson 3: Using Advanced Functions and Analyzing Data

  4. Lesson 4: Working with Advanced Charts and PivotTables

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