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This content is divided into 7 lessons. Each lesson is designed to provide approximately 45 minutes of instruction and discussion. Each teaching lesson includes two or more sub-sections, couple of projects that can be completed in or out of class, and a quiz.

Instructors can organize the lesson instruction and project assignments as necessary to fit class schedules.


  • Manage Workbooks
  • Manage Workbook Review
  • Apply Custom Data Formats and Validation
  • Apply Advanced Conditional Formatting and Filtering
  • Create and Modify Custom Workbook Elements
  • Prepare a Workbook for Internationalization
  • Apply Functions in Formulas
  • Look Up Data by Using Functions
  • Apply Advanced Date and time Functions
  • Perform Data Analysis and Business Intelligence
  • Troubleshoot Formulas
  • Define Named Ranges and Objects
  • Create Advanced Charts
  • Create and Manage PivotTables
  • Create and Manage PivotCharts


25 horas

Curso Online

Del 1 de enero 2023
al 31 de diciembre 2023


  1. Lesson 1: Managing and Protecting Workbooks

  2. Lesson 2: Applying Custom Formatting and Layouts

  3. Lesson 3: Using Advanced Functions and Analyzing Data

  4. Lesson 4: Working with Advanced Charts and PivotTables

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