PCAP Programming Essentials in Python

The PCAP | Programming Essentials in Python curriculum is designed for students with little or no prior knowledge of programming, i.e., students of secondary school, university, vocational school, or simply anyone interested in learning programming. The only preliminary requirement is the ability to use a personal computer and a very basic knowledge of mathematics.

The aim of the course is to familiarize the student with general computer programming concepts like conditional execution, loops, Python programming language syntax, semantics, and the runtime environment, as well as with general coding techniques and object-oriented programming.
Completing the course ensures that the student is fully acquainted with all the primary means provided by Python 3 to enable her/him to start her/his own studies, and to open a path to the developer’s career.


  • Familiarize the student with the fundamentals of computer programming
  • Familiarize the student with the basic methods offered by Python of formatting and outputting data, together with the primary kinds of data and numerical operators, their mutual relationships and binding.
  • Familiarize the student with the concept of Boolean values
  • Acquaint the student with the defining and using of functions – their rationale, purpose, conventions, and traps
  • Familiarize the student with Python modules: their rationale, function, how to import them in different ways, and present the contents of some standard modules
  • Acquaint the student with the fundamentals of OOP (Object Oriented Programming) and the way they are adopted in Python,


70 horas

Curso Online

Del 1 de enero 2023
al 31 de diciembre 2023


  1. Basics I
  2. Basics II
  3. Basics III
  4. Intermediate I
  5. Intermediate II 
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