Primavera P6 Professional Project Management Fundamentals


This Primavera P6 Professional Project Management Fundamentals curriculum leads students through the entire project life cycle, from planning to execution.

Students will develop a thorough understanding of how to plan and schedule.

English Language course


90 horas

Online course

Del 15 de septiembre 2021
al 31 de octubre 2021


  1.            Section I: Overview and Creating a Project

    •Lesson 1: Project Management Life Cycle

    •Lesson 2: Understanding Data in P6

    •Lesson 3: Overview and Navigation

    •Lesson 4: Creating a Project

    •Lesson 5: Creating a Work Breakdown Structure

    •Lesson 6: Adding Activities

    •Lesson 7: Assigning Calendars

  2. Section II: Scheduling and Assigning Resources

    •Lesson 8: Creating Relationships

    •Lesson 9: Scheduling

    •Lesson 10: Assigning Constraints

    •Lesson 11: Creating Layouts

    •Lesson 12: Understanding Roles and Resources

    •Lesson 13: Optimizing the Project Plan

  3. Section III: Baselining and Executing

    •Lesson 14: Baselining the Project Plan

    •Lesson 15: Importing and Exporting Data

    •Lesson 16: Methods of Applying Progress

    •Lesson 17: Executing the Project Plan

    •Lesson 18: Refection Projects

    •Lesson 19: Analyzing the Updated Project

    •Quiz 3



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