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Working with Non-Relational Data

In this course, students will learn how to work with file-based data such as JSON and XML.


  • Suggested completion of Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Excel Expert and Introduction to Data Science courses
  • Understanding of Microsoft Excel analytic tools, such as tables, pivot tables, and pivot charts
  • Experience working with data from databases and from text files


  • Understand the difference between relational and non-relational data systems and document-based data objects.
  • Read and create non-relational data objects such as JSON and XML files.
  • Consume non-relational data objects in software programs and use them effectively.
  • Explore JSON syntax and structure.
  • Find out how to parse and generate JSON files.
  • See how to use JSON files to load and store application data.
  • Understand the origins of XML.
  • Explore XML syntax and structure.
  • Learn how to navigate XML elements by understanding their relationships.
  • Understand XML namespaces and why they are useful.
  • See how XML can be used to load and store application data in files.


30 horas

Curso Online

Del 1 de enero 2023
al 31 de diciembre 2023


  1. Introduction to Non-Relational Data. Learn about Relational and Non-Relational Data as well as characteristics of JSON and XML.

  2. Introduction to JSON with C#. Learn about parsing and generating JSON files.

  3. Working with XML. Learn about the syntax and structure of XML documents.

  4. Knowledge Development- Students will apply Non-Relational data skills through project/problem based learning.

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